Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally, FINALLY finished updating my website. I have been working on it for weeks, changing my mind, then changing it back, then changing it some more. But yes, my Christmas gift to myself & all of you is a fresh, newly updated website that I hope you'll enjoy. It's not too different from its previous incarnation, design-wise, but there's a lot of new stuff. I hope you'll visit & let me know what you think.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

HandmaidenMpls Craftmas: Success!

Well, sort of. Success in that I made back the money I paid for the table + a little more. Success in that while I did sell items to two people who already knew me the majority of my scant sales were to complete strangers who'd never seen my work before. Let's just ignore the fact that in 7 hours I only sold 5 or 6 things. Photography is a hard sell in the best of times. I am pleased none the less & hope to do it again in February (though I'd be relegated to the basement that go 'round, which could cut my meager sales in half, despite the concerted effort to get folks down there).
It was nice to see some familiar faces stop by my table, but disappointing to not see faces I'd hoped for (E, I'm looking at you). I also thought it was weird that at least one Facebook friend whom I've met at a mutual friends' house only waved as she by-passed my table altogether. Wha-huh? Oh well! I will never begin to understand most people.
Having the popular & successful Michelle Brusegaard situated behind me was a huge plus for the day. Not because of her [wonderful] items (see image above) or anything like that, but because I got to eavesdrop on the often hilarious conversation between her & her friend Joanna. I thanked them for being so awesome.
B brought me lunch & allowed me a pee break in the middle of the day. He also fed me Ibuprofin, which allowed me to survive the remaining hours.
Good times. Now I have months-worth of art to add to my website &/or various satellite shops.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North Star Blankets

I've recently learned what my booth number is at Handmaidens on Sunday (#26), and with whom I'll be sharing a table (Spilled Milk). Initially I was told it would be the lovely Jess of Milton & Margie's, which made me happy because I know her & I like her & therefore I would be less anxious about the whole thing. But I don't know Spilled Milk & though I'm sure s/he is lovely it just means I'm more anxious now. B will stick with me, for awhile at least.
I am in last-minute-prep mode. Finishing up pendants, gathering up the last of the necessities, realizing I'm short on supplies, etc. I have plenty of items, though, so it's OK. I do need to remember to bring change with me. There's no Pander wallet these days & I can't accept credit cards. I hope most people aren't like me & carry cash with them when going shopping.

I am crossing my fingers that my friends & acquaintances will remember to come visit me. I am extremely sensitive & will be crushed otherwise.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Food Vendors On The Malecon

I recently turned 40 & as part of my birthday extravaganza the husband & I went back to Puerto Vallarta with my mom & step-dad. This was shot on the Malecon, which is a bustling boardwalk along the ocean in downtown PV. The smell of all this food was amazing. However, being the sensitive-tummied girl I am I did not imbibe. It was enough for me to shoot it & smell it.