Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stack of Prints

In preparation for the December 7 Handmaidens show at the VFW in Uptown Minneapolis. Yes, I start early & no I am not finished. I still have a print order on its way & another order still to place. Plus more cello envelopes & backing board. And I hope to find time & motivation for the darkroom in October (not much time for it in November) so I can make some spendy B&W fiber prints. I'm still waiting on a replacement glass tile order, but if that doesn't arrive I'm finished making pendants for the show. One less thing to fret about. I have to start early with things like this because preparation must be spread out over a few months in order for me to afford everything. I get one small disability check a month & have to budget like crazy. Sometimes I can ask the husband for money, or I will buckle & use my credit card, but I am generally good at doing neither of those things. The credit card is especially taboo at the moment because I have to use it to pay for our hotel room when we go to Mexico for my 40th birthday in November & it's already taken me years to pay off my initial purchase. I feel very overwhelmed & for me that happens far too frequently & easily. At least the husband will be absorbing some of the vacation preparation expenses (such as the underwater cameras we flaked on buying last year for snorkling).
I can only hope that all of this preparation pays off at Handmaidens. And that I figure out how I'm going to accept credit card payments (PayPal Virtual Terminal maybe? Yet another expense!).

In case you're wondering, I receive SSI for severe panic disorder, hence the whole not being able to handle much in life without stressing out. Good times!