Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally, FINALLY finished updating my website. I have been working on it for weeks, changing my mind, then changing it back, then changing it some more. But yes, my Christmas gift to myself & all of you is a fresh, newly updated website that I hope you'll enjoy. It's not too different from its previous incarnation, design-wise, but there's a lot of new stuff. I hope you'll visit & let me know what you think.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

HandmaidenMpls Craftmas: Success!

Well, sort of. Success in that I made back the money I paid for the table + a little more. Success in that while I did sell items to two people who already knew me the majority of my scant sales were to complete strangers who'd never seen my work before. Let's just ignore the fact that in 7 hours I only sold 5 or 6 things. Photography is a hard sell in the best of times. I am pleased none the less & hope to do it again in February (though I'd be relegated to the basement that go 'round, which could cut my meager sales in half, despite the concerted effort to get folks down there).
It was nice to see some familiar faces stop by my table, but disappointing to not see faces I'd hoped for (E, I'm looking at you). I also thought it was weird that at least one Facebook friend whom I've met at a mutual friends' house only waved as she by-passed my table altogether. Wha-huh? Oh well! I will never begin to understand most people.
Having the popular & successful Michelle Brusegaard situated behind me was a huge plus for the day. Not because of her [wonderful] items (see image above) or anything like that, but because I got to eavesdrop on the often hilarious conversation between her & her friend Joanna. I thanked them for being so awesome.
B brought me lunch & allowed me a pee break in the middle of the day. He also fed me Ibuprofin, which allowed me to survive the remaining hours.
Good times. Now I have months-worth of art to add to my website &/or various satellite shops.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North Star Blankets

I've recently learned what my booth number is at Handmaidens on Sunday (#26), and with whom I'll be sharing a table (Spilled Milk). Initially I was told it would be the lovely Jess of Milton & Margie's, which made me happy because I know her & I like her & therefore I would be less anxious about the whole thing. But I don't know Spilled Milk & though I'm sure s/he is lovely it just means I'm more anxious now. B will stick with me, for awhile at least.
I am in last-minute-prep mode. Finishing up pendants, gathering up the last of the necessities, realizing I'm short on supplies, etc. I have plenty of items, though, so it's OK. I do need to remember to bring change with me. There's no Pander wallet these days & I can't accept credit cards. I hope most people aren't like me & carry cash with them when going shopping.

I am crossing my fingers that my friends & acquaintances will remember to come visit me. I am extremely sensitive & will be crushed otherwise.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Food Vendors On The Malecon

I recently turned 40 & as part of my birthday extravaganza the husband & I went back to Puerto Vallarta with my mom & step-dad. This was shot on the Malecon, which is a bustling boardwalk along the ocean in downtown PV. The smell of all this food was amazing. However, being the sensitive-tummied girl I am I did not imbibe. It was enough for me to shoot it & smell it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rush Hour Photo Pendant

Rush Hour is one of my most popular photos on Etsy, hundreds of views, a dozen favorites, countless Treasuries...yet I've never sold a single print of it on Etsy. Such a fickle place that is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twin Cities-centric postcard sets

Twin Cities-centric postcard sets
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NEW! For Handmaidens on December 7. Whichever sets don't sell will be listed in my Etsy shop. Each set contains 5 postcards, each a different shot of the Twin Cities area (most are of Minneapolis, but one is from the state fair, which is in St Paul). These cards are gorgeous, high quality, and suitable for framing. Each set is $15 & is like getting five 4x6 photographs for the price of one. I decided to create sets specific to my area after being asked by a couple of people to do that with my previous postcard packs. I also thought it would be a good idea for a local event. Here's hoping it pays off!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stack of Prints

In preparation for the December 7 Handmaidens show at the VFW in Uptown Minneapolis. Yes, I start early & no I am not finished. I still have a print order on its way & another order still to place. Plus more cello envelopes & backing board. And I hope to find time & motivation for the darkroom in October (not much time for it in November) so I can make some spendy B&W fiber prints. I'm still waiting on a replacement glass tile order, but if that doesn't arrive I'm finished making pendants for the show. One less thing to fret about. I have to start early with things like this because preparation must be spread out over a few months in order for me to afford everything. I get one small disability check a month & have to budget like crazy. Sometimes I can ask the husband for money, or I will buckle & use my credit card, but I am generally good at doing neither of those things. The credit card is especially taboo at the moment because I have to use it to pay for our hotel room when we go to Mexico for my 40th birthday in November & it's already taken me years to pay off my initial purchase. I feel very overwhelmed & for me that happens far too frequently & easily. At least the husband will be absorbing some of the vacation preparation expenses (such as the underwater cameras we flaked on buying last year for snorkling).
I can only hope that all of this preparation pays off at Handmaidens. And that I figure out how I'm going to accept credit card payments (PayPal Virtual Terminal maybe? Yet another expense!).

In case you're wondering, I receive SSI for severe panic disorder, hence the whole not being able to handle much in life without stressing out. Good times!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


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Yay! I sold my first photo pendant! :)
And how funny that it showed up in Pounce right under someone selling the same type of thing.

I listed two pendants this weekend & they both sold already! I am only a little surprised, since jewelry is the hottest category on Etsy. But still. Awesomeness just the same. I have to make more more more.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cupcake Collection

In other news, I was accepted into The Handmaidens Craftmas Spectacular. It's an indie crafts fair at the VFW in Uptown Minneapolis. Come check it out on December 7 for some holiday shopping!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Franklin Nicollet Liquor

Franklin Nicollet Liquor
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I just sent in my application for The Handmaiden's December show (usually known as The Handmaiden's Craftmas Spectacular). Wish me luck! I'll find out in mid-late August if I've been accepted. Hopefully Sharyn will be accepted as well so we can table together. I expect to be accepted simply because the women who run the show also own the local shop, I Like You, that carries my stuff. Even still, fingers crossed!

I will have to spend the next several months stocking up.

I love my new printer

I love my new printer
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I think I have a good flat printed out of the color zine, so hopefully I can get one or two copied this week. It's not laid out exactly as I'd like it, but since I don't have publishing software on my laptop & an incompatible OS on the desktop computer (meaning I can't install the printer software) I had to make do with the photo book tools that came with my printer.

Local folks can check out some of my photographs hanging in the Starbucks at Nicollet & Franklin. You can't miss them, they're the 3 B&Ws as you walk in the main entrance.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Postcards Sets

Five beautiful postcards chosen from a random selection of my favorite photographs. These postcards are of standard size & thickness with areas for a note & address printed on the back. Suitable for framing. This set is like getting five 4x6 photographs for the price of one! Packaged in a cellophane envelope.

While the topmost postcard is visible you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the remaining four. Like opening a present! Subject matter varies, just like my photographs.

Size....4.13x5.83in (10.5x16cm)
Finish..Laminated on one side

You will receive the packaged set pictured in the foreground, the remaining sets are sold separately.

(Printed by MOO from my original photographs.)

I have been asked if I'd like to consign Minneapolis-centric postcard sets in a local shop, to gear up for the influx of visitors to the Twin Cities for the Republican National Convention. I don't know if I can do it because they're pretty expensive for me (hence the retail price tag) & without selling more it's near impossible to order more. And I would have to order more, because I already rearranged the remaining sets when I received a request from a customer for a set of Minneapolis landmarks. I would love to do more & have them available in this shop as well as my own. Who knows, maybe that's what I need to do in order to actually sell some. No one seems to want to take my word for it that these postcards are gorgeous. Trust me, they are!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Hey kids, let's step in the time machine & revisit my mid-90s zinehood!

Daddy's Little Girl is a one-shot perzine I wrote in 1995, toward the end of my surly Riot Grrrl-ness & long rough path toward better mental health. I'm still working on it.

This zine was written after I'd confronted my dad about the abusive behavior I endured from him throughout my childhood. He stopped talking to me but I wasn't finished yet. DLG is letters to my dad, things I needed to say to which he wouldn't listen. It was a very cathartic experience for me at the time.

*Subject matter in this zine could be triggering to some.*

Full color cover. 22pp. Quarter size.


13 years later: My dad & I talked a lot, about his own abusive upbringing, about his lack of self-awareness, and we came to the realization that I will always feel resentment toward him & he will always feel that he can't change the past. But I know he is sorry, in his own macho way. I know he loves me, he has just spent many more years than I have carrying the baggage of being raised by an abusive parent & never attempting to recognize the cycle of abuse or do anything about it. We don't see each other very often because we live thousands of miles apart & that is both good & bad. Good in that I just generally need distance from him & bad in that as a result I am uneasy around him. I am OK with where things are now, though.

Raspberry Bite